Executive Intelligence Report

A daily report for senior executives providing key financial and competitive insights. The report provide insights into competitive and market developments, builds a common information base, and helps management anticipate questions from key stakeholders.

The Executive Intelligence Report is highly customized, focusing on each client's unique set of product, competitor, and topic interests. The annual subscription includes following features:

    • Daily reports, which are available to all company key stakeholders
    • Email alert featuring key highlights plus supplementary PDF report
    • Access to our online database
    • Access to our analyst to provide additional insights
    • Clients may focus on specific areas, such as:
      • Competitor's Business Strategy & Performance
      • Business Development
      • R&D; Scientific/ Medical Topics
      • Regulatory, and
      • Marketing

Consumer Health Service

The Consumer/OTC report is a weekly semi-customized report covering major consumer health companies and global industry events. The report provides updates on financial performance & forecasts, business development, drug delivery, Rx/OTC switches, product launches, and public health issues. The report helps clients to gain additional insights on the market dynamics and to further build their OTC business.

Clients can choose areas of emphasis, including:

  • Geographic Focus (key developed, and/or emerging markets)
  • Topic breadth (for example, including nutraceuticals, distributors/retailers)
  • Competitive Company Set

Oncology Intelligence Report

Cancer is a complex disease with equally complex product and marketing dynamics.

HealthACE's Oncology Intelligence Report is a daily intelligence and analysis service for oncology/hematology professionals. We combine medical information, financial and strategy insights. Our focus is to provide analytical perspective on the news, compiled from the investment analyst community, industry experts, and business and scientific news sources.

Advantages of using the investment community include:

  • Rapid analysis of major announcements, based on discussions with key opinion leaders and practicing physicians
  • Objective, independent forecasts and models of utilization and sales
  • Insights to market strategy and positioning based on discussions with company management

The report provide insights on specific cancer market outlook, management strategies, clinical developments, key product forecasts, and regulatory updates.


Global diabetes market has been expanding rapidly, driven by increased prevalence, improved diagnosis rates and new drug & device developments. Pharma companies are looking to expand into emerging countries where swift growth is expected. However, the market is also highly exposed to increased generic entries and competitive pricing pressure.

HealthACE Diabetes is a thrice-weekly intelligence service targeted for professionals in the diabetes/obesity field. This report is a syndicated report covering pharma/biotech companies with focus in diabetes/insulin/obesity. It provide outlooks in both core and emerging markets, business strategies, key products developments and forecasts.

The annual subscription includes following features:

  • Tri-weekly reports (Monday, Wednesday, & Friday), which are available to all company key stakeholders
  • Email alert featuring key headlines
  • PDF attachment of the entire report with additional analyses by HealthACE analysts
  • Access to our analyst to provide additional insights

Managed Market

Market access is the key to successful new product development, marketing, and commercialization, particularly in the U.S. Our weekly Managed Markets report monitors key health insurers and pharmacy managers.

Our target clients are Managed Markets account executives and managers, we help them stay informed on current healthcare issues and managed care market dynamics.

The report provides insights into major insurers' business direction and developments, healthcare reform issues, policy & legislation changes, and Medicare Advantage/Part D enrollment trends.

Drugs Distribution

The pharmaceutical supply chain is the ways for which branded, generic, and OTC products are delivered from drug manufacturers to consumers. This complex supply system involves multiple organizations - pharma/biotech/generic companies, wholesale distributors, pharmacies (retail/mail order), and PBMs. These players in the supply chain are constantly evolving, and commercial relationships vary considerably.

Our weekly drug distribution report covers the pharmaceutical supply chain in the U.S. It provides insights on companies' business strategies and expansion, relationships between key players of the supply chain, updates on healthcare information technology and supply chain logistics.

Our target customers are wholesalers and pharmacy managers, looking to understand the competitive dynamics in their highly concentrated industries.


Multiple blockbuster drugs are set to lose their patent protection in the upcoming years, fueling the rapid double-digit growth in the global generic market. Generic companies are looking for ways to increase revenue, market share, and competitive advantage. Increased M&A activity and partnerships are mainly driven by the need to strength their portfolio and expand their business into multiple emerging markets.

Our bi-weekly generic report covers major generic companies and events in both matured and emerging markets. It provides insights on companies' performance, management strategies, competitive landscape, biosimilar clinical developments, regulatory and legal updates. The annual subscription includes following features:

  • Weekly reports, which are available to all company key stakeholders
  • Email alert featuring key highlights plus supplementary PDF report
  • Access to our online database
  • Access to our analyst to provide additional insights

Therapeutic Class Monitoring

These are client-specific services, typically provided to brand or franchise management, that want rapid reporting on developments in a specific therapeutic class. HealthACE monitors investment analyst and news reports for relevant content.

Typically, we provide alerts on key product, regulatory and competitive developments. Our clients want to anticipate management's call on "what does this mean?", and provide a common competitive information base across their team. Features often include the maintenance of sales forecast and pipeline databases, as well as news monitoring.

Delivery frequency and format is tailored to the client's needs, but often includes an "as needed" rapid report, followed by a weekly summary.