About Us

We are a global Pharma Business Intelligence company. Our specialized expertise is filtering and focusing information to provide management with relevant insights and analyses. An area of focus is capturing the business intelligence produced by investment analysts-a source of insight not captured in other information sources.

HealthACE has provided customized intelligence reports since our founding in 2001. Our clients include the senior management of most major biopharmaceutical firms. In recent years we have added specialized reports, both syndicated and customized, focused on senior management in therapeutic and customer segments.

Clients like HealthACE's:

  • Customization of reports to their needs-by topic, format, and delivery
  • Focus on analysis rather than "just news", with unique content from the investment community
  • Easily read or scanned reports, providing quick access to key insights with the option for more detail.

Our analyst team all have prior pharma and business intelligence experience, and bring deep knowledge and understanding of healthcare market trends and underlying business drivers.

Meet the Senior HealthAce Team

Jeffrey J. Larsen, CEO

Mr. Larsen has consulted to the pharmaceutical industry for over 20 years. Mr. Larsen is responsible for new project development in all therapeutic areas, interacting with pharma executives to provide expertise in business development, customer assessment, and strategic market planning. Mr. Larsen also manages numerous consulting projects, and has extensive experience in conducting in-depth interviews with healthcare professionals.

Prior to starting HealthACE in 2002, he was the founder and Managing Director of Health Strategies Group, a leading provider of managed markets research services. He was also a health industry consultant for SRI International, including 4 years leading SRI's health practice in Japan. His academic background includes degrees in Economics and Biology from the University of California, Davis.

Sharon George, Production Manager

Ms. George has over 10 years of experience in pharmaceutical business intelligence. She oversees the production of our Executive Intelligence reports and managed markets service. Ms. George specializes in healthcare-related topics, tracking key changes in HMO, PBM, and Medicare/Medicaid, and evaluating the significance to the biopharma industry.

Ms. George received a Masters in Sociology, and Bachelor degrees in Sociology/Anthropology from McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

Hoyan Lam, Ph.D, Service Director

Dr. Lam has extensive experience in biopharmaceutical market research and quantitative analysis. She is responsible for designing and managing our Oncology Intelligence report, and an additional client-private report. Dr. Lam brings in-depth knowledge of scientific research and product development to analyses of medical/financial information, and manages pipeline and sales forecasts databases. Areas of expertise include oncology, hematology, generics, and biosimilars.

Dr. Lam received her doctoral and master degrees in biomedical engineering from Stony Brook University, investigating preventive intervention for osteoporosis. She also received bachelor degrees in biochemistry and mathematics. Her research has been recognized by the AAAS, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, and Sigma Xi Honor Society.

Subhadeep Goswami, Service Director

Mr. Goswami is responsible for the production of the wholesaler/distribution specialty report. He brings expertise in the complex pharmaceutical supply system, providing insights on the constantly evolving relationships between various distribution intermediaries (wholesalers, pharmacies, and PBMs), their business strategies, and implications of healthcare information technology.

Mr. Goswami holds post-graduate degrees in two disciplines - a master of science in chemistry and a master of technology in biochemical engineering. Prior to joining HealthACE, Mr. Goswami worked in the pharmaceuticals/biotechnology vertical of Evalueserve, an Indian knowledge processing firm, and firstRain Inc - a California-based competitive intelligence firm. He has also served as scientist biocatalysis in Fermenta Biotech Ltd (subsidiary of Duphar Interferan Ltd.) in India.

Amaan Siddiqui, Service Director

Mr. Siddiqui is responsible for the production of the consumer/OTC specialty report. He offers expertise in the global consumer product sector, providing intelligence on major companies' performance, drug delivery trends, Rx/OTC switches, new product launch, and public health issues.

Mr. Siddiqui is a pharmacy graduate and holds post-graduate diplomas in two disciplines - pharmaceutical regulatory affairs and business management. Prior to joining HealthACE, he worked with the Indian arm (WNS Global Services) of the European Knowledge Center of GlaxoSmithKline and in the pharmaceuticals vertical of Evalueserve, an Indian knowledge processing firm.

Aileen Tsai, Project Manager

Ms. Tsai leads our Diabetes Intelligence Service and custom monitoring services for two multi-billion dollar cardiovascular products. She has particular expertise in assisting clients with market forecasts/dynamics, and has performed extensive research on product portfolios of major biopharmaceutical firms in addition to identifying core client interest and strategic drivers. She has also participated in a range of managed markets consulting projects including medical panel recruitment, evaluation of pay-for-performance programs, and drug coverage assessments.

Aileen's past work experiences include competitive intelligence consulting and pharmacoeconomics research. She received a Masters of Biomedical Science from UMDNJ, Masters in Economics from Tufts University, and her BA degree from UC Berkeley.